April 19 2023

Clarion Call "THOUGHTS" - April 19, 2023 @9pm

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Clarion Call “THOUGHTS” – April 19, 2023 @9pm


  • New York City on the news, pray for them. 
  • Major earthquake coming soon—praying concerning the location.
  • A celebrity death linked to Saturday Night LIVE. 
  • Rapid fire changes in the White House by 2025.
  • Another mass shooting coming near, and a major shift in gun control by 2027.
  • Drug overdose is coming to a major celebrity or athlete.
  • Famous pop star dies this year or next year
  • Invest in cryptocurrency. Amazing breakthrough in the next 19 months.
  • Domino’s Pizza will do a major buyout and merge with another pizza company. 
  • A sign is a major senator will be getting out of here (dying).
  • A scandal with Major League Baseball. 
  • See the State of Tennessee on the news. Something massive is coming that needs our prayers.
  • Pray for high schools like never before. Strange school shooting in the making. It will not be a man, it will be a woman. 
  • See the word “famine” all over the news.