Other Prophecies Given by Prophet Brian Carn on March 23, 2018 via Periscope/Facebook LIVE:

Another drastic school shooting will be coming. It’s not a gun problem, but it’s a sin problem.

There will be debates on whether the wall will be finished or not.

I see Bill Cosby in the news once again. Continue to pray for him.

Pray for all African American young men. I see a young African American star accused of something he never did, but it’s going to taint his reputation and career.

The October 2018 demise will be a sudden surprise.

I see a major shift in government by December 2018.

I also see an older leader that will rival the triumph of President Trump. They will attempt to deflect the damage that is seemingly sticking in a permanent deciding factor. Pray for the President and the country.

Pray for New York; I see an unwanted event coming.

Pray for the President, I see him being exposed. Pray that God will cover and keep him as he leads this country.

One of Jersey Shore cast members will die or they will have a near death experience. This will be a sign unto you that the Lord has given me these prophetic words.

Another sign is a celebrity who will be having twins or triplets.

I see a famous pop star that is getting ready to come out as a homosexual. Cover your children with the blood of Jesus to keep the spirit of homosexuality from overtaking them.

I hear on TV talk about aliens.

I see an assassination coming to someone in government like a senator. We will see on the news that a senator has passed away.

School shootings will continue to be the norm.

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