July 21 2022

BCM Clarion Call - July 21, 2022 - 9pm

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BCM Clarion Call – July 21, 2022 @9pm

*Please note this is a replay. All names for prophetic words have been submitted. 

Clarion Call “Things to Look For & Pray About”:

  • Netflix emerges as a unique discussion for business evaluations. Invest in Netflix. 
  • Famous actor loses his life because of a motorcycle.
  • Famous magician becomes handicap and will start a campaign about it.
  • Justin Bieber fading from limelight. 
  • Hurricane coming with the letter “C” that’ll be known. Pray! It’ll do damage. 
  • Famous football player like OJ Simpson is coming out in the news. 
  • Hear discussions about Mars, and allowing robotics to see Mars and believe there was life on Mars.
  • Journalist who once called out people for their wrong will be called out. People will think it’s slander, but God said it’s the truth. 
  • Pray for the hockey sport. Saw a hockey fight that left somebody dead.. it’ll shock the hockey world. 
  • The week of August 13 is going to reshape the nation. 
  • Japan or Japanese geophysical judgement that’ll be in the news. 
  • Brazil will be the favorite to win the World Cup, but a smaller European nation will stand up to Brazil. 
  • Invest in Buick, the car company. They’re making a comeback. 
  • More and more people leaving church and ending their pursuit of God.
  • Saw a famous TV show host like a Jerry Springer lose his life.
  • A lady named Jennifer will marry and get divorced in the same season. 
  • Blockbuster is coming back.
  • Famous rock singer is about to pass away.
  • Soviet satellites hovering over the USA spying and searching for hidden weapons. 
  • George Bush in the news.
  • New school attack coming. We will witness an evacuation before the lunch bell rings.
  • Protest will prepare the evaluation for government challenge. 
  • An increase of homeschool desire. Public school paranoia. 
  • Bacteria linked to chicken (see white meat as a problem). Issues with Tyson and their machine not being cleaned properly. 
  • Major events will be found by this December. 
  • Chicago on the news again. A sadness is about to grip the nation.
  • Famous comedian endures a tragic ending, suddenly without notice. Vanish has come.

“This is your season to recover!”

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