December 6 @6am | 30 Days of Prayer

December 6 2021
December 6 @6am | 30 Days of Prayer
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Dec 6 6:00am Prayer Points:

I decree miracles! I loose miracles! I command miracles in every area of my life! May there be unprecedented, uncommon, undeniable miracles. Thank You that we have miracles in our bodies, our finances, our families.

We destroy the destroyer’s assignment and thank You that this week will be prosperous! We return to sender every attack of the enemy! Thank You that You’ve given us power to destroy the destroyer who is after our mind, our family, our finances, peace and happiness!  We destroy him in Jesus name!

Father, I thank You for the change that is coming and I receive anointed change, godly change, change for the good in Jesus name! Thank You that I am in position to receive all spiritual blessings. Thank You for change in our hearts and our desires, our attitudes. Help us to maintain the change that we will obtain in the name of Jesus! (Ecclesiastes 3:1-2)

I take divine immunity over my assignment and what You’ve called me to do now in the name of Jesus! No one can fulfill this assignment but me, and it will not be aborted! I declare I will fulfill my assignment in the earth! I will not die before my time, but my assignment will be fulfilled. Every destiny and assignment shall be fulfilled. I will carry every prophecy to the letter and it will not be aborted in the name of Jesus!

I decree that my name will not perish in the earth. I decree my name and legacy will be preserved, it will be trans-generational. My name and the name of my family, my pastor, my church will not perish!

Prayer Points with Pastor J.R. Butler & Prophet Brian Carn

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