December 7 2021

December 7 @6pm | 30 Days of Prayer

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Dec 7 6:00pm Prayer Points:

I command a release of everything in my life that is under satanic concentration and bondage! I command every individual in my family to be loosed and released in the name of Jesus!

Any weapon the enemy has deployed against us, may it be stripped now! Be destroyed now! Boomerang in the name of Jesus! I strip the enemy of the weapons of witchcraft and sorcery; infirmity and disease; weapons against my mind, I strip him! (Isaiah 54:17)

Any hope and any expectation the enemy has concerning my life, I override it now! Any satanic projection be terminated, destroyed and may it not come to pass! I cancel his counsel, it will not stand! May the opposite occur of whatever his projection is concerning my life. I will live! I terminate his plans in the name of Jesus!

I take a hold of what is mine! Anything that is mine is finding it’s way now and finding it’s way unrestricted and unhindered! I come against every wall of the enemy and command it to come down now! May resistance be broken!

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