November 22 2021

November 22 @6pm | 30 Days of Prayer

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Nov 22 6:00pm Prayer Points:

PRAYER FOCUS: Family — Father in the name of Jesus, I lift up the institution of family and marriage and we come against the spirit of perversion against the family unit. I thank You for deliverance in my family now! I thank You for strong families, showing love for their communities. I reverse and cancel every spell over the members of our family. I come against confusion in the mind! I break the yoke of unthankfulness. I break the spirit of deception in the name of Jesus and remove every veil from our eyes. Thank You for directing our steps. No parent will bury their child! I break that spell of premature death off of my family! I also declare that our children will not be orphans and spouses won’t be widows. I arrest all household wickedness and enemies! I command a release of Godly marriages according to the will of God! I cover all families with the blood of Jesus!

Every evil hand against my life and my destiny be broken in the name of Jesus! May every evil hand that rises up against me, wither up and break! (Psalms 10:15)

Opening Prayer with Sister Karen Purdie, Prayer Points with Prophet Brian Carn

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