November 23 2021

November 23 @6am | 30 Days of Prayer

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Nov 23 6:00am Prayer Points:

Father in the name of Jesus, let there be a divine release of the favor of God. Let there be divine breakthrough in every transaction in the name of Jesus! I thank You that the spirit of favor is on everything I put my hands to. Thank You that the spirit of favor is resting on me. I come against every demonic hindrance that is stopping my breakthrough and plan of God; I paralyze it in Jesus name! I break the cycle of failure and non-accomplishment over my life! I will not move out of place, but I’ll stay planted and in order. Thank You for full restoration in the name of Jesus! I command people to be a blessing to me, my family, business and church. Nullify the plan of the enemy! The favor of God is being opened to me in the name of Jesus and running me down today! (Matthew 7:7, Psalms 24, 46)

I counter any conspiracy against my life now in the name of Jesus! I declare every conspiracy shall not stand and render it powerless! May it fail and not come to pass in the name of Jesus. I crash every demonic virus that may try to come in the name of Jesus! (2 Samuel 15)

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