November 24 2021

November 24 @6pm | 30 Days of Prayer

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Nov 24 6:00pm Prayer Points:

In the name of Jesus, every plan of the enemy against my life that was meant to destroy me, let it turn for my good now! May every demonic plan, meeting and negotiation boomerang, and I declare that it shall not work! Let it turn for my good! I overturn it in Jesus name! (Romans 8:28)

I command deliverance in every area of my life, my family, any health crises, bad news, demonic complications, captivity and bondage. May all bondages concerning finance, in the mind, and in the body be loosed and removed! I command an end to all bondage and captivity! I command the oppressed to be free! I command liberty and deliverance in every area of life in the name of Jesus! (Luke 13:11)

No one connected to me will die untimely or in a strange death! I rebuke death and declare that I will live! I come against the stronghold of misfortune. Every evil cloud that comes to destroy my life, I declare I shall escape it and it will not come to pass. We will outlive all who wish us, our ministry, our businesses, our investments dead! I cancel every death wish in the name of Jesus!

Whatever is hatching in the womb of time that is conceiving evil against me, may it miscarry! Every time sensitive curse, evil and demon assigned to my life to be released, I command every evil thing to miscarry and die unborn! Every demonic desire and plan die in the name of Jesus! (Hosea 9:14)

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