October 11 2021

October 11 @6pm | 30 Days of Prayer

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6:00pm Prayer Points:

God will make you the exception! You are the exception in your family, your business, your ministry, and every area of your life. You are not like everybody else! You will excel and do well. (Numbers 12:6)

Father grant unto me seed, for You give seed to the sower. Holy Ghost, I promise that if you grant unto me seed, I will sow! I am a sower, and I thank You that the seed that I will sow will produce a harvest! (Isaiah 55:10)

Wherever your enemies are meeting and planning things against you, we decree that the tables of the wicked are being overthrown! We overthrow every table and scatter every enemy!

In the name of Jesus, every God ordained relationship assigned to my life that has been destroyed by the enemy, I thank You that that relationship is restored now! We command restoration and call them in now! (Ecclesiastes 4:9)

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