October 13 2021

October 13 @6pm | 30 Days of Prayer

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6:00pm Prayer Points:

From a kingdom perspective, I silence the voice of every accuser who desires to destroy my life and my name. May every mouth of every accuser be silenced! We silence the voice of the accuser! (Daniel 3:8)

Every plot, scheme, backdoor meeting and conspiracy against everything connected me, may it turn and work in my favor! We command every conspiracy against our lives to be cancelled and turned into our favor! Holy Ghost, fight against them that fight against me! (Daniel 3:9-12)

Every power causing my limitation to my next level, as I pray, may that power be destroyed now! We pray against every power limiting our finances, increase, prayer life and progression, we pray against it! We command every limit and cap to be taken off! (Zechariah 1:21)

In the name of Jesus, I command every financial debt and bondage to be cancelled! I thank You that increase and a flow of money are coming to me now! We command all car, home, and credit card debts to be paid in full! Increase is our portion. Thank You for debt cancellation! We thank You for removing and washing with Your blood every negative report from our credit! (Romans 13:8)

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