October 14 2021

October 14 @6am | 30 Days of Prayer

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6:00am Prayer Points:

Father I thank You that every negative label that has been placed on my life is removed off of my life! I am not defeated, destroyed, or in fear! I am blessed, I am anointed, I am powerful! (Isaiah 62:4)

May every curse of barrenness be broken and removed in the name of Jesus! I speak to my spiritual & natural womb that has not produced to bear much fruit! I command my womb to give birth! We dismantle the curse of miscarriage in the name of Jesus! (1 Samuel 2:5 NIV)

Lord I have one request, bless me! Bless me indeed and enlarge my territory. Bless me to be a blessing. The blessing is on my life! (Genesis 9:1)

Every debt be cancelled! Be removed! Father thank You that You are speaking to somebody about me and cancelling every debt I have. Thank You that hundreds and millions of dollars are coming in my hand to remove every debt! I void every demonic transaction that is taking place to keep me in debt! (Romans 13:8)

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