October 18 @6am | 30 Days of Prayer

October 18 2021
October 18 @6am | 30 Days of Prayer
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6:00am Prayer Points:

All inherited oppression assigned to my life from my mother’s side and my father’s side, I command all inherited oppression to die in the name of Jesus! Every inherited spirit, tower and stronghold through my bloodline, I command you to die by fire! (Isaiah 54:14)

I command every stubborn spirit operating in my life to go! You cannot stay stubborn power, you are illegal and I arrest you in the Spirit! I command you to let me go! (Luke 10:19)

Every spirit monitoring my progress to destroy me and to take away my happiness, I command all monitoring spirits to be blinded! I blind every third eye and spirit monitoring my progress!

Father in the name of Jesus, I pray for the nations of the earth, I pray for my family, I thank You that You’re bringing deliverance. I plead for the life of my family, our church, and this nation. Have mercy! (1 Timothy 2:1-3)

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