October 20 2021

October 20 @6am | 30 Days of Prayer

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6:00am Prayer Points:

Prayer of Repentance: May a spirit of brokenness come upon us, and a contrite spirit. We asks that You forgive us Father. Deliver us from the things that hinder our prayers. We make a choice and a decision to forgive others as we stand in heaven’s grace & mercy. Let mercy be our portion. Forgive us Lord God, cleanse us and renew our mind.

Prayer of Salvation for Our Children (Jeremiah 32:33-35): We take away anything that would give over my child’s mind to demonic activity! Cleanse and wash them! We pull down and overthrow every tradition! Give us a cry for the children to cover them and overthrow every high place of the enemy in the name of Jesus!

Father, I thank You for a restoration and restitution of everything that was lost, now! There shall be a restoration in this season! Every stolen good must be returned and restored now! We arrest every thief and individual in the spirit who has stole from me. Father expose their hand! Every opportunity taken from me is being restored today! There must be recompense, restoration, and restitution! (Joel 2:25)

In the name of Jesus, may every veil spread over our lives be destroyed! No longer will it hinder me from getting to my next level. May every veil be destroyed! (Isaiah 25:7)

I shall have whatever I say! I command “New Opportunities”! I thank You for doors of opportunity being opened into me now! Opportunities to be great, to prosper, to increase, to pay every debt, and to invest are being released on my behalf and my children’s behalf. We have advanced favor to prosper and excel! (Mark 11:23)

Opening Prayers with Pastor J.R. Butler; Prayer Points with Prophet Brian Carn.

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