October 20 2021

October 20 @6pm | 30 Days of Prayer

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6:00pm Prayer Points:

In the name of Jesus, everything in my life that has been denied, according to Isaiah 61:7, I declare I shall receive double! I declare double increase, inheritance, favor, anointing, property! Double! I arrest every demonic robber and declare whatever they have stolen must return sevenfold! (Isaiah 61:7)

I thank You for advanced knowledge, insight and revelation. We have the mind of Christ; the Holy Ghost will lead us to all truth! I thank You for divine intelligence for what is to come in my life. Show us what the enemy is doing behind the scenes in the name of Jesus! I prohibit every demonic surprise and attack, for it will never catch me off guard! (John 16:13)

Any attack of the enemy against the life of Prophet Brian Carn, may it be aborted! May the finger of God bring an end to any attack! Any arrow headed his way, may it fall in the name of Jesus! Any evil declaration against his ministry, by prayer we command it to backfire! Father, whatever concerns him, we declare and decree that Your will overrides the attack of the enemy. Thank You for lifting him up and elevating him, and giving restoration and restitution in his life. Use him for Your glory Jesus!

May the blood of Jesus visit the sick. Let the healing virtue of the blood of Jesus visit my household. Let it heal now! We come against any spirit of infirmity that is in operation in our family in the name of Jesus!

Any debt in my life be removed! Be removed! Be removed! May your paperwork be displaced and may they be unable to find any record of your debt! We cancel debts! May there be a release of increase and favor in the name of Jesus!

Prayer Points by Prophet Brian Carn & Prophet Vincent Kpodo

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