October 21 2021

October 21 @6pm | 30 Days of Prayer

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6:00pm Prayer Points:

In the name of Jesus, Holy Ghost grant unto me an undeniable testimony for Your glory, now! I overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. Grant unto me a supernatural testimony of Your power, strength, excellency, and healing that they can’t deny it was of You. Thank You for financial testimonies! Grant unto us testimonies that’ll cause someone’s faith to be restored and someone to be saved! Show Yourself mighty in the name of Jesus!

I declare the enemy has no access to my life! I declare it a “DO NOT ENTER” zone as it pertains to my body, my mind, my assignment! The only one who has access to my life shall be God and angels. Any door, opening, or crack that I’ve given access to the devil, I take it away and close that door—ACCESS DENIED! I permanently deny him access to my life. I shall walk in power, my prophetic purpose and my destiny now! Devil you are under my feet! (Ephesians 4:27)

I command restitution in every area of my life! I declare that You God will rule in my favor. The divine order for my restitution will be signed with the blood of the Lamb. You are my advocate, my judge and attorney; I appeal to You God who sees all and knows all! Our victory shall be published throughout heaven, and on earth, and under the earth where the demons of hell will know that we won and we are the redeemed of the Lord! I call forth every blessed and good inheritance down the bloodline. All shame shall be washed away! We declare restitution in Jesus name!

In the name of Jesus, may every death wish against my life be revoked! I come against every negative wish, desire, enchantment, hex to see me destroyed and go under, I cancel it! I cancel the expectation of the wicked over my life! I cancel the expiration date they have for my life! I cancel every word curse over our lives! It will not prevail in the name of Jesus! (Psalms 118:17, Isaiah 54:17)

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